Copy of 24 Month Protection Plan [ 2 Bike + Bundle ]

Copy of 24 Month Protection Plan [ 2 Bike + Bundle ]

Sale price$399.99

If you are purchasing more then 1 bike this discounted warranty plan will cover all of your bikes in a single purchase. 

Explore the world worry-free with our exclusive warranty tailored for our travel-loving customers! Introducing our extended 24 months of full warranty for ANY e-bike purchase, superseding the standard 1-years limited manufactures's warranty right from day one. 

Key Advantages:

1) Immediate Upgrade: substitutes the original 1-year manufacture's warranty from the moment of purchase. 

2) Extended Support: Provides a comprehensive 24 month of coverage period added for that peace of mind. 

3) Accidental Damage Protection: Includes coverage for accidental damage, ensuring your E-bike is safeguarded against unforeseen mishaps. 

4) Hassle-Free Service: No need to ship your bike back to us! Enjoy the convenience of receiving replacement parts directly to your doorstep. 

5) Comprehensive Coverage: All parts, excluding batteries and tubes, are included in this plan. This means that virtually every component of your E-bike is protected for the duration of the 24 months of coverage. 

6) Battery Protection: Increases your Battery protection form 90 days to 1 full year of protection. 

Coverage Process: 

Simply reach out to us via phone for quick troubleshooting or send us an email at, attaching pictures or video showcasing the issue. If replacement parts are required, we we'll dispatch them straight to you, ensuring a swift resolution. We can also help with locating a local repair shop. Give us a call at 866-424-0055. 


While our warranty is extensive, it's essential to note that batteries and tire tubes are not included in this plan. Your battery is backed by a 1-year manufacture's warranty, ensuring the power source of your E-bike is protected.  Labor charges are not included in this warranty. Customer are responsible for all labor charges related to their repairs.