We now offer our custom protection plan to give our riders total piece of mind. We understand the importance of protecting your investment and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible with out having to worry about expensive replacement parts and long service times. 

Protection plan must be purchased at time of of bike purchase. This warranty goes into affect after the 90 manufacture warranty. This plan does not cover ordinary wear and tear items as described in the 90-day warranty. Rather it focuses on protecting the major components such as your battery, motor, and frame.

All items listed below will be pro rated based on the amount of time the riders has the bike. Simply put, the longer you have the bike the cheaper the replacement will be up to 5 years if you need to take advantage of filing a claim. There are no claim fees. We might ask to have the bike inspected at your local e-bike authorized dealer rather then have our customers pay expensive shipping fees. 

How this plan works 

Example : Riders battery failed on year 3. The replacement battery total cost is $800. For each year the rider has owned the bike, a depreciated cost of $160 per year would be applicable for replacement. In this example, rider’s cost to replace the battery would be $480. Please note you would be getting a new battery. Not a refurbished one. 

This warranty also covers accident damage. 

We cover up to 3 hours of repair at $30 an hour (max $90) in service fees for any warranty repair per instance. Any repair amount over $90 will be at customers expense. 

You can activate your claim service one time per year for a max of three times in total. 

5-Year Battery Protection 

Let's face it. Batteries are expensive! Our extended battery protection plan will help ease the cost of having to buy an additional expensive battery. 

In the event a battery is not functioning properly or not powering the unit, we will get a replacement battery as quickly as we can. 

5-Year Motor Protection

The motor is a critical part of your bike and needs protection. This plan will cover the repair or replacement of your motor for an amazing 5-years. 

5-Year Frame Protection

We will cover your frame from any accidental damage. Please note scratches and paint would not be eligible for this plan. 

Repair process 

In effort to insure the highest level of customer service, we try to insure we offer other options to our customer rather then having to pay expensive fees to ship components or the bike it's self back to us. You maybe asked to utilize a local repair shop which we are happy to assist you in finding one in your area. in many cases, local repair shops can help diagnose the issue and assist with repair. Kracken Adventure Bikes will cover your first 3 hours ( up to $30 an hour ) per approve instance. All parts covered under warranty will be shipped to the repair facility directly. In almost every case, all costs are covered by that initial 3 hours. 

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