My gears are not shifting correctly

My gears are not shifting correctly

There are a few things we can check to get you shifting normally.

Out of the box we recommend your derailleur be tuned by a local professional. There are two adjustment screws on the box of your derailleur. One tightens and loosens the change while the other shifts it from left to right. 

  • First thing to check is if the e-bike is in the correct gear. Adjust your gear setting to 1. Once set to gear 1, rotate the peddles and you should hear the derailleur in the back make a shifting noise. 
  • Now check to see the chain is sitting on the largest gear in the back of the bike. If it's not, you can physically move your chain onto the largest gear. If the chain won't back go back to 1st gear, please contact support. 
  • If your chain is popping off then it just needs to be tightened. Over tightening could cause the chain to break. 
  • Let's check the 'U' shaped derailleur guard to ensure it is not getting in the way of your derailleur. We've installed the derailleur guard to protect the derailleur during shipping, so the guard may have been pushed in during shipping. If so, you can bend it back out to a 90-degree angle using some force with your hand, which will allow the derailleur to move freely between the gears!

Also, inspect to see if your derailleur hanger is bent at all. The derailleur hanger is the piece of metal that connects the derailleur to the frame. A photo of what to look for is below:


We are hear for you. If your still having issues, please give us a call at 866-424-0055.