My bike won't turn on?

My bike won't turn on?

Let's double check a couple things first. If this is your first time using the bike out of the box, great! Let's review the basics. 

Many of our e-bike will come with a charge but, we recommend giving the battery a full charge before your first ride. This may take a couple of hours. Once plugged in your AC charger will display RED, letting you know it's in the progress of charging the battery. Once the AC charger shows GREEN, you can disconnect the charger. 

1) Locate the power button on your LCD display and hold in the Power or M button for 3 sec. This will power up the unit. 

2) If your e-bike does not power on, you want to first check all the cables. Many of our bike have quick release cables located just in front of your handle bars. Find the wire coming out of the LCD and follow that down about 3 inches from the base. Insure this wire is firmly seated. 

3) If you have completed these step above and your bike will still not power on, please give us a call at 866-424-0055 for assistance.