Bike powering off in the middle of your ride

Bike powering off in the middle of your ride

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Issue : On your ride, you experience the bike powering off. This can be caused by a couple of things. Let's trouble shoot. 

1) First thing you want to check is your quick connect cables located on the front of the handle bars. Insure all cables are securely connected. 

2) Could be simply that your battery is run out of juice. Did you check your power level before your ride? Might just need a charge. 

3) If you did have more then 50% battery and e-bike is still powering off, pull the battery out of the bike and connect it to the charger. Allow the battery to charge up to 100%. 

4) Insert battery and check power level. If the power level is not at 100% after a full charge, your AC charger might need to be replaced. Pay attention to the light on the AC charger. Red means it's charging and Green means it's done. If the AC charger is flashing then we need to replace the charger. 

5) If your battery is at 100%, stay local and give your bike a test ride. Make sure you are paying attention to your power level on your LCD. Use your throttle for this ride ( don't peddle). Put PAS to a med number such as 2-3. 

6) If you find your e-bike is still cutting out even after a full charge then it's likely your battery needs to be replaced. 

7) A bad LCD can also cause issue with the power management. Signs of a bad LCD can range but likely you will see jumping numbers and very odd readings such as your power jumping from 100% down to 20% and back up. These are all signs that it's likely your LCD need to be replaced.