The Transportator


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This bike is the battleship of Ebikes. It has a sturdy frame with front and rear racks welded into the frame. From point to point, this bike is 72” long. The battery is a beast. It weighs 17lbs. In order to carry you 40 miles on  one charge, you must have a big battery. It is a 48volt 20amp hour battery. This is why we call it Plus Forty. The motor is a powerful 500 geared motor. It has 5 levels of peddle assist and a throttle. Please notice the ease of mounting this bike. If you are 5”5” or taller, we recommend this bike.

If you have a need to transport packages, you will enjoy the length of the racks. We are not sure of a weight capacity; however, this bike will comfortably handle 400lbs. Perhaps you wish to transport a child to school, just add a child seat and you have a school bus. Mechanical disc brakes and fully functional front and rear lights complete the package.






70 lbs

Wheels and Tires



Driving Range


Weight Capacity

400 lbs


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